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Behavior Services


We believe in quality of life – both for you and your pet. Your pet’s behavior significantly affects the quality of life of your pet and your family. Psychological issues can and should be treated. Clinical behavior medicine is an emerging field with exciting and promising possibilities. We believe you deserve to see those possibilities, now.


  • In-clinic appointments
    We provide a low-stress environment for your pet, including an interior floor plan that shelters your pet from encountering other pets, a quiet environment, and larger exam space as needed. We understand how to keep your pet most relaxed. Most behavior concerns can be effectively addressed via in-clinic appointments.
  • Home visits
    We also offer home visits, according to your pet’s needs — or simply your preference. Home visits are billed at a higher rate to make up for our time out of the office, but we are happy to come to you if that best suits your needs.
  • Feline Friendscat-1508613_1920
    Our feline friends are not little dogs. Cats have their own instincts, desires and social needs which must be understood to address their behavior. We have the scientific background and clinical experience to do just that. While cat owners often prefer home visits, we have successfully treated many cats through in-clinic appointments.
  • Follow-up appointments
    In the majority of cases, we recommend a recheck visit 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment. Recheck visits are economically billed in increments of time with most rechecks lasting 30-60 minutes. In-person rechecks allow us to gain the detail necessary to make sure you are moving forward towards your goals, allow us to observe your pet and the effect of medications if any were prescribed, and then to discuss together the next steps in the process. Typically we will recommend recheck appointments every 8-12 weeks until your dog is stable and every 6 months after that. Most patients require a single recheck at the 8-12 week mark before going on an every 6 month recheck schedule. Some clients prefer to stay with us for long term care of their pet’s behavior concerns. Others prefer to transfer their pet’s care back to their regular veterinarian once the pet is stable. We happily accommodate either option. As a part of your commitment to bringing about the desired changed for your pet, we depend on you to provide us with regular progress updates.

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