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Behavior Appointment

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The first step is to understand the roots and scope of the behavioral problem. The first appointment is typically around two hours. In a questionnaire, we will gather as much relevant detail as possible; often, there are subtleties that are connected in ways that you may not expect, and the behavior is just a symptom or tip of the iceberg. We need to discover the roots of the issue and work to find the right, safe and realistic outcome.  This is why it is so important for us to treat your pet as an individual, and to take our time to truly understand his or her psychology. Our greatest joy comes from identifying root causes, and empowering you and your pet to live happier, healthier lives together. Sometimes, it even comes down to simple patters of miscommunications, such as using certain training methods that only make things worse.

The experience
From the moment you walk through the doors, you will feel warmth and welcomed. Your pet will feel that, too. We are deeply sensitive to your pet’s stress levels in everything we do. we have taken many steps to make this as positive and encouraging of an environment and experience as possible. this approach is so positive that often times the animal becomes more at ease as the appointment progresses. We believe behavior modification should be a positive and joyous experience.

The plan
Behavior modification is about changes in emotional states. Every situation is unique, and it is crucial to understand the unique variables of your pet’s situation. We take great pride in tailoring our recommendations and planning to the individual we are working with. Your pet’s plan will be truly unique and comprehensive.


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