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My mission as a Veterinarian is to provide compassionate, effective and up to date medical care for animals and owners.

I employ “Alternative Veterinary Medicine” choices that include, herbal substitutes for drugs, hands on methods of healing such as energy healing, chiropractic, acupressure, Telling Touch, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and new technologies; like Iontophoresis, magnets or lasers.

I include in my care plan; behavior issues that effect the lives of our pets. When I realized that 60-80% of dogs & cats given to shelters or humane societies are because of behavior problems, I dedicated myself to the specialized training in Veterinary Behavior. Often behavior problems are very solvable when treated by a specialist with training in behavior medicine. Understanding and resolving a behavior problem in a pet improves the entire family life in unexpected ways. It is my joy to see a happy pet with an empowered owner, go home together ready to spend a long life together.

I am also dedicated to “Life Long Learning” in my approach to medicine. The field of medicine is always changing, as new treatments and old diseases are better understood. Sometimes what was old, become new. Especially the renewed interest by medical science into how herbs, acupuncture, exercise, and even aroma change the cells of our bodies. I strive to keep up on information that explains how, why and what “alternative treatments” work.

Further, I compare the companies who make the products and the products themselves. This is an unregulated area, which means anyone can bottle dried plants, mud or even water and call it what they will. About half of my research time is finding the products that are genuine, affordable, effective, and in a form that is easily given to a cat or dog.

This hold true for behavior solutions as well. I have learned that a large number of animals are given away to humane societies, rescues or euthanized, because of behavior problems.  At the same time there is more scientific knowledge and new skills available to solve behavior problems in animals, than ever before. It is an exciting time to be a behaviorist, because we can significantly change the lives of pets and their families for the better. However, much of the available new information does not get to owners in a straight forward, understandable and usable form.

My task is to assist clients to use the most effective methods for each situation. I will continue to assist my clients through my blog with articles and highly selected links to best of the best information on the web. I look for  solutions that the average person can do and see results in a short period of time. The ultimate goal is to help a problem cat or dog  become the calm, happy pet they were meant to be. So we have time to enjoy our pets companionship and they enjoy their lives as well.






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