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Little Mia doing much better after treatments and support from Dr. Smith

DOG [adrenal issues]:
Dr. Cynthia is the most caring, generous and well-informed pet doc I can imagine.  Her knowledge base on nutrition, alternative interventions and energy medicine is unsurpassed.  Her care for Mia, my Chihuahua,  during a crisis with her adrenals extended to home calls, calls to specialists on my dog’s behalf and prolonged phone support when her adrenals were critically under functioning.  I am grateful to Cynthia for her expertise and love and I am proud to call her a friend.

Andrea B

DOG [diarrhea & arthritis]:

Iontophoresis helping her arthritis

Iontophoresis helping her arthritis

Dr Smith has saved my dog Lou Lou’s life at least twice. We came to her for help with chronic diarrhea as our vet said she had food allergies however Dr. Smith did food testing to prove she didn’t have allergies. Next we did tests, with the assistance of my vet, to see what else could be the cause. Because of Dr. Smith’s persistence, we did repeat  testing until we discovered the cause of Loulou’s diarrhea was chronic pancreatitis. Had Dr. Smith not talked my vet into repeating the tests we would not have discovered this and been able to put her on the appropriate treatment plan.

During this time Lou Lou started to limp. Dr. Smith examined her and felt it could be a couple different causes but wanted x-rays to narrow it down. In the mean time we started her on medicine to help general arthritis symptoms. My traditional vet assisted by doing the x-rays. She suggested some chiropractic care for the dog.

While waiting for the xrays to be sent to Dr.Smith for her review, Loulou took a tumble, landed on her head, and twisting her neck. She was in allot of pain, limping,unwilling to use her front leg or walk.  Even more pain medication did not take away all the pain. We were considering euthanasia because the pain was so bad.

Dr. Smith found on the xrays that Lou Lou was had several malformed (from birth) cervical vertebrae, which caused terrible arthritis in her neck and the cause of serious neck pain after the fall. Her medicines were changed due to the severity of her condition and Iontophoresis treatments were done on the her neck and shoulder.  After a week, Lou Lou began to show improvement and would put more weight on the leg and walking more in general. It’s been a few weeks now and she is able to walk just fine and even trot!

I know for sure without Dr. Smith’s help with Lou Lou that she would not be here right now as my sweet adorably doggie that I love so much!!

Denise I

CAT [infection]:
My little kitten, Tao, was abandoned at 3 weeks old, diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection at 4 1/2 weeks and under vet care for 4 months, undergoing a series of x-rays, exams, diagnostic tests, antibiotic treatments and viral medicines -without responding well to care,  before being seen by Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith was able to connect the dots in a way no other vet (all 4 of them) was able to do, quickly and correctly identifying the root cause of the illness and it’s progression. She didn’t sugar coat the seriousness of the condition, but gave me the peace of mind that she would do everything in her power to get him on the path to healing, which she went above and beyond to do. In a class of her own, she is both an expert in understanding the science of western medicine and the wisdom of alternative practices, knowing how to link the two and genuinely caring about the end result. At 9 months old,Tao is now doing fantastic! He is a very affectionate, strong and handsome fella. I believe he has turned a corner and on the path to a complete cure, but more importantly, I know I have found someone to turn to who will continue to provide him with exceptional care!

Julie M


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