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National Allergy Map:
Allergy and Pollen forecasts across the country for you and your pets.

Wisconsin and Tick Disease:
Important information for all pet owners, even those in suburban areas!

Itchy Skin
Excellent website for anyone with an animal with itchy skin.

Pilling Cats
Great video for anyone with cat. As your pet will likely need medications at some point throughout its life, training it to take medication now without stress is recommended.
Animal Behavior Service LLAC

Finger toothbrush

Brushing Teeth
Quick outline to get started brushing your cat’s teeth. As you are training your cat to getting their teeth brushed it is not necessary to use pet toothpaste due to additives in many toothpastes that can actually contribute to tooth decay. You can simply using water on the brush/gauze as it is the physical brushing that does the actual cleaning of the teeth. However, if your cat (or dog) has teeth with tartar buildup you can use their favorite food oil, such as olive oil fish oil, etc. (CAUTION: DO NOT use grape seed oil or castor oil as these are toxic to pets!) To brush with oil, simply dip the brush tip in the oil and brush on the teeth.
Brushing in 4 Easy Steps

Find the best drug prices from verified online pharmacies
Click below to compare drug prices among reputable online pharmacies at PharmacyChecker.com.

Feline Information
For useful information, videos and cat toys/supplies and more, take a look at this website, Feline Fundamentals.

Cat Litter Attractant – Reviewed and Recommended
If you have a new cat/kitten or have a cat with litter box issues and they need some help to encourage them into use the litter box again give the article below a read. It explains what cat litter attractant is, what it does, and what their recommendations are for products on the market.
Cat Litter Attractant Article

Pet Nutrition
Wondering how much to feed your pet each day? Have questions about wet or dry pet food? Looking for nutritional consultation for your pet? For all the answers to these questions along with pet recipes, food calculators and more, go to PetsDiet.com.


Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier
Guaranteed to keep your pet from entering or leaving a certain room. This is easy to use and quickly trains your dog. Use it to keep your pet from certain room, stealing cat food, running out the door, etc.
Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier


Pet Proof Carpeting
If you have pets you need pet proof carpeting! It keeps liquids from seeping into the backing thereby making cleanup easy and provides protection against odor-causing spills and pet accidents. Contact Coyle Carpet One in Madison, and if you mention you saw it here at Dr Smith Holistic Petcare’s website you can receive 10% off*. Speak to Lauren Dzioba, Flooring & Home Consultant

Ideal Cat Carrier
Do you have to wrestle your cat to get them into the carrier? Give the Calm Carrier a try. The sliding drawer eliminates need for forced loading and unloading. It also allows for fast and easy loading/unloading of pets.

Calm Carrier

Pet Food
High quality dog & cat food and treats that are formulated under the direction of veterinary and animal health experts.
It is recommended to consult your vet before changing your pet’s food.


For anyone considering a new addition to their family. Important information to select the right dog for your family.

BEFORE_You_Get_Your_Puppy with logo
Get a copy of Before You Get Your Puppy by Dr. Dunbar here

Learn what to do to have a well behaved family member

AFTER_You_Get_Your_Puppy with logo
Get a copy of After You Get Your Puppy by Dr. Dunbar here


RESOURCES FOR VARIOUS PROBLEMS that occur; all must reads.

Canine Chronic Pain Scale: Learn to spot the different behaviors and postures your dog will show when experiencing pain.

Open Here

Six Behaviors Every Dog Should Know: When mastered, these six behaviors help make for a harmonious relationship between dog and owner.

House-training: How to prevent mistakes and teach your pup where to eliminate

HouseTrain1 copy
Open Here

Re-training Your Adult Dog: House training procedures and other house soiling problems explained.

Retrain copy
Open Here

Corn Allergy Information: A listing of the different ways that manufacturers hide corn in your food.

Feline Quality of Life Scale: Using this essential scale will help caregivers determine the quality of life for sick cats. Click on image below to open document.


For anyone with a pet with itchy skin.



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