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Chart of genetic tests available for dogs & labs that do the tests.

Here is a link to the OFA website where they keep a list of all the labs that do genetic testing for Dog diseases. The costs for these tests are much lower than ever before. Breeders and owners of purebred dogs will find this very helpful to plan their dogs future.

I have tested my dog for a Collie genetic disease (MDR1) for which he is a carrier and affected. But knowing he has one copy of the MDR1 gene means I can adjust the dose of certain drugs to prevent overdose and avoid other medication completely. In my case knowing avoided allot of possible harm. Since he is a carrier is out as a breeding dog and has been neutered. 70% of Collies have the defective gene causing MDR1 (Multidrug sensitivity) so the only way to reduce how many Collie’s get this genetic disease is to not bred all dog with a copy of the gene. Can’t see this disease on the outside of the dog. The only way is through a DNA test or when in a crisis of drug overdose which can be lethal. I would rather know.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

How does the shampoo Etiderm shampoo work?

Pyoben Shampoo Veterinary Information from Drugs.com.

Pyoben Shampoo is the generic name for Etiderm shampoo. If you have used this shampoo for your dog with either recurring skin infections or allergies and it worked, stick  with it!   Interestingly, the design if this product is more holistic than drug based. This is a good example of a drug company taking clues from Alternative Medicine and developing a shampoo containing multiple ingredients from nature that provide protection for unhealthy skin. If I find an equivalent, safe and as effective herbal formul I will post it in the future.

How does Etiderm shampoo work?

It  is a combinations of functional ingredients that provide better skin protection when combined than used alone.

1. First is a technology,  the ingredients are packaged into “microspheres” (the company’s name is SPHERULITES).  Any lotions, oils, active agents that are inside of  micro-speres are slowly release to the skin. This allows more of the contents to be absorbed into the skin, at a lower longer acting dose which remains after the shampoo is rinsed away. This technology for topical delivery of skin lotions, oils and nutriceuticals has been used in human cosmeceutical industry for some years because of better results.

2.Second the shampoo contains Chitosanide and glycerin which together create a natural protective layer over the skin that stays in place longer than most barrier type products.

Research has shown that dogs who have chronic allergic  skin disease from a young age have abnormal skin.  Specifically, the layers of their skin are too thin, and the growth of new cells toward the surface is slow. This results in a thin, weaker outer protective skin layer that is present to keep the outside world,  well . ..outside, making the skin water proof and a barrier to bacteria, viruses and so on.  This product supplements for the missing  protection by forming a protective yet flexible layer (mixture of Chitosanide and glycerin) over the skin. It must be reapplied on average weekly, as it does wear off.

3. Third uses a non-antibiotic ingredient,  Benzoyl peroxide 3%, directly inhibits bacterial growth, plus has a mild drying affect (also harmful to bacteria) and unclogs the opening of skin pores. Clogged pores are where skin infections usually begin. Skin that is irritated by allergies will also have pores that  become filled & blocked by dead cells and bacteria.  Assisting the skin to keep pores open, greatly reduce infections, and  the accompanying inflammation. The inflammation of the skin pores also will causes the dog to scratch and chew their skin, making matters worse.

4. Citric acid is included as a natural preservative. It is also a mild skin exfoliate and helps to preserve the natural ph of the skin.

4. Finally it contain sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate,  a cleansing and foaming agent, naturally derived from coconut oil. The sulfated fatty acid compounds get a bad name in cosmetics, but many are from natural substances and are  the foaming and penetrating agent in shampoo. This is  the Soap, which breaks up and removes sticky clumps of bacteria, dirt, and oil at the surface of skin pores. Once this debris is removed the other ingredients can get to the  especially the pores and do their job.

I hope this help explain the role of this special shampoo for itchy or infected skin of some dogs. As of yet, there is no cure for allergic skin. Most Veterinary Dermatology researchers agree that genetics play a major role in dogs with allergies especially those that begin under 2 years of age.  The prevailing theory is the abnormal genes lead to abnormal skin formation with thin and weaker outer layers with or without an  abnormal immune system too.   The dog genome has been completed and hopefully will lead to new information about the inheritance of skin allergic disease.

Contrasting Grain-based and Meat-based Diets for Dogs | petMD

Excellent article that goes into detail of how proteins from grains are not the same as protein from meat when it comes to your dog or cat. This is essential for all pet owners and Veterinarians to know.


 Contrasting Grain-based and Meat-based Diets for Dogs | petMD.

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