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What’s on My Food

Look up which chemicals & how much are on foods in USA stores (if not purchased from a certified organic source).

Be alert to some  stores like Costco, who are selling  brands like Kirklandsfoods with

fake “Organic-like” labels.


Free Dr. Afridi, he revealed the location of Bin Laden to the USA

Free Dr. Afridi.

As my readers know, I rarely post anything having to do with politics. This is important enough for me to do so.  (I am not supporting any party, nor endorsing any candidates). I am in support of Doctors world-wide.

This is the MD who revealed Osama Bin Laden’s location to US intelligence. Pakistan’s government  has imprisoned & tortured this Doctor for his actions.  John Kerry and some congress members are working toward his release. Follow the link for more info and sign the petition to support his release.

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