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Why Microchip your Pet or Horse?

I have been blessed with the addition of a puppy, Leo. I had a microchip put in under his skin at the same time he was neutered as part of the first year of puppy care. I chose the company Petlink for their one time fee,  $42.00, for life-time coverage.  The identity library of information is available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week worldwide for the  life of the animal. This is also a worldwide company, which is handy for anyone who travels outside the US with their pets or any animals.

The competitor company uses a microchip placed in the same manner but has a yearly fee to keep the data in an available library for retrieval. Est. $35.00. Most Veterinarians carry the yearly fee company because the company gives them the startup supplies for free.  Petlink, has a start-up cost for equipment to the Veterinarian, &  costs are made back  as microchips are registered. The Petlink site has lists by State, of Veterinarians who carry the Petlink  microchips.


Check out this link to find out how many lost pets are never returned home and the importance of microchips.


Why use a microchip for your pet or horse?

I have been blessed with a puppy “Leo”  and as part of his basic puppy care I had a microchip put under his skin when he was being neutered. Painless, universal, worldwide identification, available 24 hours, seven days a week. I choose The Petlink company because a one time fee $42.00, pays for the identification library service for the life of your animal. The other microchip companies typically charge a yearly fee ($35.00) to keep the information on your pet. Many Veterinarians carry the yearly fee Company because this company gives the supplies to the Vet Office for free. The Petlink has a charge to the Vet. for the reader and implants which are refunded to the Vet as they implant the microchips. The website for Petlink has a list of Vet.s by Country and State that have their microchips available. http://www.petlink.net/us/owner/vetList.spring

The link below has a photo of the chips and info on the millions of lost pets who never make it home.

Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families.

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