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What’s Really in Pet Food . . . and Lots More to Know – at the Land of PureGold

What’s Really in Pet Food . . . and Lots More to Know – at the Land of PureGold.

Most complete list in one place I have found that links to the experts in the field of attempting to make pet food companies improve the foods offered and themselves. The pet food project is a good article to look at. I do not necessarily endorse any of the diets, foods and treats. They  are quite expensive and laborious. Home made is best  because you control the quality.  Check out www.balanceit.com, this website is put together by the American College of Vet Nutritionists. Free for owners to create a recipe for homemade food for healthy pets. This site will calculate a recipe for a  normal diet for dogs and cats based on body weight and your choice of  protein and grains.

They  sell a good mineral mix to add to food and they indicate other sources of minerals and vitamins to balance the foods.  They offer consultations to owners and veterinarians to create custom diets for different disease situations. The link for Veterinarians allows your vet to create a custom homemade recipe for many diseases where diet is important.


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