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>New Medical Claims or product that is "the best ever"

>There seems to be continuous new cures or life enhancing programs for us to buy. Look up your self which claims are true.
This is the Link “Pubmed”, one of a few online search engines to medical science published world wide. This is free to the public to get the summaries of articles and in some cases the full research paper. In valuable resource for Doctors and scientists.

PubMed Help – PubMed Help – NCBI Bookshelf: “- Sent using Google Toolbar”

Go through the tutorial on how to use the site if it is your first time. Some articles are complicated and in the jargon of the science world, however the conclusion paragraphs are usually understandable. Can give readers an appreciation for the difficulty involve in research studies and when conclusions are made it is based on very strong evidence.

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