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Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season: Tips from Pet Poison Helpline. Check out this short article on how to prevent problems at the Holidays.

I would add  be sure to secure your guest suitcases, or shopping bags.

Here is a short story. They are smarter than you think.
One year my brother came to visit as usual. Unknown to me, he had a carton of malted milk balls in his suitcase.

We left the house to go shopping, his bedroom door was open a crack and suitcase on the bed, with the top shut, but not latched. This was no problem for my Dachshund. She easily found, opened his suitcase,  ate through the carton and  a lb of milk chocolate covered treats.  She greeted us at the door, looking satisfied and very full, breath smelling of chocolate. She seemed so proud of herself for solving the obstacle course we left for her. We spent our Christmas evening, inducing the dog to vomit, and monitoring her for heart problems from chocolate. She had a bad case of diarrhea but survived.

I learned a good lesson, not all pet loving guests  know which items to safeguard from our pets. So without ruining any surprise treats, I ask guest  to put suitcases and shopping bags be in either closed “pet proof” closets, or behind latched bedroom doors.

Enjoy the holidays

Dr Smith


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